Moscow based artist

The main aim of Ekaterina Solodina’s practise is to open up the intimate process of painting. Through making parts of the process visible, Ekaterina makes the viewer aware of the decision making process.
Ekaterina emphasizes the uniqueness of each painted mark by the juxtaposition and stratification of various textures. Painting itself seems to the artist incredibly important right now when the majority of information is perceived via flat screens of the computer/TV/phone. Ekaterina creates works which are exaggerated and chaotic like children's dreams and memories. Naive compositions, deliberate bright colors and multi layered textures, transport the viewer in the time when he was able to dream and create with impunity.


2018, Contemporary Art with Andrey Bartenev, Management of Educational Programs, Moscow

2016-2017,  BA Fine Art(Hons), BHSAD, Moscow

2014-2015, Free Workshops, MMOMA, Moscow

2010-2013, Fine Art Diploma, BHSAD, Moscow


2017, Moment of Eternity/ Eternity of a Moment, Imeretinsky, Adler

2014, We’ll never be as young as we are tonight, Agency, Moscow


2019, Bad Video-Art Festival, Zverevsky Center of Contemporary Art, Moscow

2019, Snowy Bass, Teatral'nyy Muzey Im. M.s. Shchepkina, Moscow 

2019, Moscow conceptualism. Connection, ARTPLAY, Moscow

2018, Contemporary Art: Abstraction, Mega, White Dacha, Moscow

2018,  Bad Video-Art Festival, A3, Moscow

2018 Acht, Gallery ZWO, Vienna, Austria

2018 Succession, Tekhnopolis Moscow, Moscow

2017, Spil Meet Mir, Samara

2017, What will I leave?, Poligrapgychesky Cekh, Moscow

2017, Reveal, ARTPLAY, Moscow

2017, Spil Meet Mir, Zverevsky Center of Contemporary Art, Moscow

2017, Frameskription, Poligrapgychesky Cekh, Moscow

2017, Bad Video-Art Festival, A3, Moscow

2017, Surface, Art Box, Moscow

2016, Space. Love, ARTPLAY, Moscow

2016, Sorry it’s not all, Forma Festival, Moscow

2016, Forma Festival, Moscow

2016, Yabududoma, Moscow

2016, Now in the Loft, Soulful Loft, Moscow

2016, Sorry it’s not all, TotalArtClub, Moscow

2015, 15% back by buying kit, Bogorodskoe gallery, Moscow

2015, Sub observationem, MMOMA, Moscow

2014, Implementation, Graund Hodynka, Moscow

2014, AlcoArt, Grey’s, Saint Petersburg

2014, Inspire me, Smirnov&Sorokin Foundation, Moscow

2013, Art.Moment 2013 Festival,ArtPlay, Agency, Fabrica, Moscow

2012, Peripheral Vision, Heraachi&Heraachi art-group, Agency, Moscow

2012, End Of Year Show, Fine Art Year 1,ArtPlay, Moscow

2012, Situational Sculpture,  ArtPlay, Moscow

2012, Painting Show, artist, ArtPlay, Moscow

2012, Video Show, “Otn’ud’” art-group, ArtPlay, Moscow

2011, End Of Year Show, Foundation Fine Art, ArtPlay, Moscow

2011, Innominis, Exhibition Hall Of The City Center Of Fine Arts Of Novosibirsk, Novosibirsk



2019, Gagaulala, collage project, Moscow 

2019, Is Varza, city based collage project, Cluj-Napoca, Romania

2019, Prunk, city based collage project, Sighisoara, Romania

2019, Stand up Festival, Paramount Comedy, collage decoration, Izmailovo Kremlin 

2019, Wine & Sky, mural 85m2, Wine Bar Sky and Wine, Saint-Petersburg  

2018, Real Money, Real Deal, Art-act, Prague, Czechue Republic

2017, Girls Know the Truth, collage project, Moscow

2015, Desperation, city based collage project, Venice, Italy

2014, Grolsch, 400 years of Creativity, Amsterdam, Netherlands

2012, Ian in da town, Art-act, Moscow 


2014, Interview, Moscow 24 channel